Short film “BEST GIFT

<>I will never forget the “best gift” my father gave me. <><>Karen is a student who wants to be a film director. And her clumsy, artisanal father, George, who has spent his life in a kitchen car. A story of love between father and daughter unfolds over a gift left by the father to his daughter. <>[Cast] <>Karen: Rina Koyama <>George: Hideki Ogishita <>Childhood Karen: Rio Yamaguchi <>George’s friend: Yuji Kubo <><>[Crew] <>Director/Producer: Nakajima <>Screenplay/Producer: Nakajima Hisashi <>Executive Producers: Saito Takashi, Nakayama Yui, Yamamoto Yasuhiro <>Cinematography: Jinno Takaaki <>Lighting: Saito Toru <>Recording: Omachi Hibiki <>Art: Kurosu Ryosei (Kometsubu Entertainment), Yuko Okitsu <>Costume Design & Hair Make-up: Rei Nishino, Yuma Ito, Chika Goto <>Editing: Yuya Teramoto <><>■Story: Modern Japan. George is an old-fashioned artisan cook and has been leading a kitchen car for 40 years now. He and his only daughter, Karen, have lived happily together since childhood. However, now that they are in their 20s, Karen and George are estranged from each other. Karen, who has started attending a film school in the center of the city to become a film director, does not contact her father except on New Year’s Day. Then one day, Karen suddenly comes to see George. Karen asks George to buy her a high-end video camera because she is going to make a student film. She convinces her father that all of her schoolmates have top-quality video cameras and that she, too, needs one to make good films. George knows better than anyone that he does not have the financial means to do so. However, he vows to do whatever it takes to bring joy to his estranged daughter… [*A special short movie that precedes the full version of the story that will later be released in theaters! <><><><><>< LED Kitchen Car & TASU-HACHI Official Website> <>【 H P 】 <>[Twitter]. <>[Instagram <><>What is LED Kitchen Car? > <><>Japan’s first LED-equipped kitchen car project is now underway! Japan’s first LED-equipped kitchen car rental and promotion has finally started. The project will realize a new form of “food PR” by linking images and food, such as stalls at food festivals and PR events for meals, food and beverages!