Koki Yamashita’s first starring role in a movie “TOKYO, I LOVE YOU


Tokyo, Japan’s capital city – a story of love between lovers, parents, children, and best friends that takes place on several corners of this metropolis.

Cast] <>Starring: Yuki Yamashita<><>Koudai Kusano, Rina Koyama<>Ryunosuke Matsumura, Katsuta Haya, Sho Sakai, Yuki Shimomae, Mi Shimazu, Shigetada Nishimura<>Oggy Jones, Nana Kato, Mimi Kanade<>Mizuki Hasegawa, Terry Ito, Misato Tanaka, etc. Misato Tanaka, and others<><>[Film Information] <>Title: TOKYO, I LOVE YOU<>Screening Period: From November 10, 2023 *Details to be announced<>Theaters: Shinjuku Piccadilly and other theaters in major cities nationwide Director/Screenplay: Nakajima Hisashi<>Executive Producers: Saito Takashi, Nakayama Yui, Yamamoto Yasuhiro <>Producers: Nakayama Yusho, Nakajima Hisashi<>Art/Decoration: Kurosu Ryosei (Kometsubu Entertainment Inc. <>Producer: Takashi Saito, Yui Nakayama, Yasuhiro Yamamoto <>Art Director/Decorator: Ryosei Kurosu (Kometsubu Entertainment Inc.)<>Producer: Wiscom Corporation<>Producer: Nakachika Pictures<>Production: “TOKYO, I LOVE YOU” Production Committee

Story] <>Tokyo, the capital of Japan – Stories about love among lovers, parents, children, and best friends that take place on several corners of this metropolis. Three omnibuses set in Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku area, and Odaiba sometimes intersect to depict this human anthem! Dancer Richt (Yuki Yamashita), who has just returned to Japan, joins forces with his childhood friends Haru (Katsuta Haya), Noah (Sho Sakai), Eugene (Yuki Shimomae), Rei (Mi Shimazu), and Dan (Shigetada Nishimura) to save his best friend Simon (Ryunosuke Matsumura), who is suffering from a brain tumor that has given him only 3 months to live. (Sho Sakai), Eugene (Yuki Shimomae), Rei (Shimaizu), and Dan (Shigetada Nishimura) to try to raise money for the expensive surgery. Together, Richt and his five best friends manage to raise the money for the surgery that will save Simon’s life! But just at that critical moment, something happens that throws a wrench in the gears of fate for Richt and his friends… Can Richt and the other protagonists, who live in various cities in Tokyo, resist the looming danger and ordeal and carry on with their love in their own way?

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