<>The first short movie set in the newest metaverse “Virtual Tokyo Tower”! TRUE SOULMATE -My true destiny-” Who is my true destiny? Is it a girlfriend in the virtual space? Or is it my longtime childhood friend? A love story of a very cute and mysterious love triangle between Ken, a shy otaku, his girl friend Mimi, and Ai, a beautiful girl who exists in a virtual space! What will happen to the love that swallows everything, virtual and real? <><>[Cast] <>Ken: Kota Kusano Mimi: Nana Kato Ai: Mimi Kanade <><>[Crew] <>Director/Screenplay/Producer: Hisashi Nakajima <>Executive Producers: Takashi Saito, Yui Nakayama, Yasuhiro Yamamoto <>Cinematography: Takaaki Jinno <>Lighting: Toru Saito <>Recording: Hibiki Omachi <>Art: Ryosei Kurosu (Kometsubu Entertainment Inc.), Yuko Okitsu <>Dress Design & Hair Make-up: Rei Nishino, Yuma Ito, Chika Goto Chika <>Editor: Ryota Ohno <><>■Story Modern Japan. Ken is a typical bad person. He is immersed in the world of VR day and night while living a part-time life. Ken is visited by his childhood friend, Mimi. Mimi tells Ken to stop using VR and to face reality. Meanwhile, Ken enters the VR world and goes on a date with Ai, a beautiful woman of the world. The two talk on the observation deck of the virtual Tokyo Tower, and Ken becomes convinced that Ai is the one for him! <>[*Advance special edition short movie of the complete story that will later be released in theaters! <><><>< Virtual Tokyo Tower official website> <>[H P ] <>[Facebook… <>[Twitter]. <>[Instagram <><>What is Virtual Tokyo Tower? <><>A futuristic entertainment space centered around “another Tokyo Tower” in the Metaverse. Using a 3D model called “Avatar,” visitors can ascend to the main deck (150 meters high) and top deck (250 meters high) just like the real Tokyo Tower, and enjoy a 360° panoramic night view from the center of Tokyo. Visitors can also communicate with multi-participating others, go on dates inside the Virtual Tokyo Tower, and participate in events. Visitors can also enjoy shopping at stores and gourmet towns within the Virtual Tokyo Tower, and their purchases will be delivered to their homes. Furthermore, an outdoor festival venue will be set up at the foot of the Virtual Tokyo Tower, where LIVE music, fashion shows, gourmet festivals, etc. can be held!